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Winner of 13 Culinary Awards!

Better Ingredients Make Better Fudge

There are numerous ways to make fudge, including those made primarily from glucose! Fudge is a treat; if you're going to indulge yourself or someone special then you want a premium product! My 13 time award winning fudge is simply the best; hand made with the finest ingredients; I refuse to use inferior ingredients or processes! You can find cheaper fudge, but you can't find better fudge! That is my personal guarantee to you. My fudge is simply a delicious, creamy, satisfying treat made with real cream and butter...period! But don't take my word for it, see all my reviews on the Reviews page.

I make thousands of flavours of fudge and usually have 2-3 dozen flavours in production at any one time. If you favourite is not currently in production check back often, or try a new flavour that piques your curiosity...I'm sure you won't be disappointed!