Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we ship? We ship anywhere in Canada (jerky only to Alberta because of Canadian government restrictions.) At this time we do not ship to the United States, or anywhere else outside of Canada.

How do we ship? We ship with a number of carriers including ICS, Canada Post, Canpar, UPS, Purolator, and others. Your order will normally go out the next business day after it is placed.

How long will deliver take? Deliver usually ranges from 1-5 business days. Since Covid carriers no longer guarantee their delivery (although they still charge us for it) so we cannot estimate how long actual deliver will take.

I placed an order, paid by PayPal, but it hasn't shipped yet? Paypal recently increased their analysis of transactions looking for fraudulent transactions. When this happens the order goes into a pending status and they instruct sellers not to ship the order. While they say it will be resolved in 24 hours our experience is it's more like 48-72 hours. Your order may have fallen into this category. 

I entered my address incorrectly! If you have received a Delivery Notice we cannot change the address as it has already shipped. At that point you need to contact the carrier for a delivery address correction.

I'm not receiving order notifications. Check your Junk and/or Spam email foldersMake sure is in your trusted email or white list. **Particularly important if your e-mail address is with Sympatico.**  

I haven't received my order yet. We send orders out with a variety of couriers. You are sent an email with the tracking information and are responsible for tracking its progress. Sometimes your intervention is required, such as an address correction. Other times seasonal rushes (think Christmas) or weather are factors. As the Shipper, we have no control over your delivery once it has left us. For example, Canada Post will not let us file a trouble ticket for 21 business days (effectively a month) from the day it was shipped. However, as the recipient, you can contact the couriers at any time. Give them the tracking number and ask them where it. Past experience is that the delivery shows up within 24-48 hours of you contacting them.

What if I want a flavour that says Sold Out? That flavour is still in production we've just a temporarily run out of it. We make a fudge every week and usually add to the website on Wednesdays, Thursday, and Fridays. If your heart is set on that flavour, try again in a few days.

What if I want a flavour that's not listed? We make over 3,000 flavours of fudge and normally have 2-3 dozen available at any one time. If it's not on the website, it's not available.

There's a heat wave! When you receive your fudge and the weather is excessively hot just put the unopened boxes in the fridge for a couple of hours to cool down, then indulge!

Do you make a sample pack? No we do not.

I'm local, do you have a retail store where I can shop? No we do not.

Can I pick up my order? We use to offer that service, but due to repeated abuses we no longer do.

How long does the fudge stay fresh/Can I store it? It will never go bad in the sense it will make you sick, but it will dry out. How long depends on the environment, longer in Summer, shorter in Winter. A good guide would be 1-2 months. When it arrives and if you want to keep it for a special day (i.e. Christmas) put the boxes in a Ziploc bag, and squeeze all the air out, then leave the bag in a cool place (but not the fridge.)

Is your fudge gluten free? Our basic fudge is gluten-free, however, we add gluten-containing products to some flavours, i.e., Cookies and Cream. Our facility is not certified gluten-free. We work hard to avoid cross-contamination, but cannot guarantee that any particular fudge is gluten-free.

What allergens are in your fudge? All our fudges contain milk and soy. Some contain peanuts, tree nuts, and coconut. All contain ingredients that may have been processed on equipment that also processes wheat and eggs.

What allergens are in your dip mixes? All dips may contain sulphites. The dips with bacon contain wheat and soy.

Is there MSG in your dip mixes? Our dip mixes are MSG free.

Can you freeze the fudge? Yes you can. You must take it out of the box though. Wrap it very well in Saran Wrap, this avoids freezer burn. When you thaw it you MUST completely unwrap until it's fully thawed; if you don't condensation will make the fudge sticky. Once it's thawed put it in a Ziploc bag.

My order is a gift and I don't want the invoice included. We do not include an invoice with the shipment, only a packing slip. The packing slip does not contain any prices.

What is the size of the fudge? Each piece is approximately 225g or 1/2lb. The box is 5 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/4", the fudge inside is approximately 4 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/2".

How much can I earn with a fundraiser? You earn 30% on fudge, jerky, and spice mix fundraisers.  

If I'm fundraising do I send all the money to you or do I keep my portion? You keep your profit and send the rest to us with your order.

What form of payments do you accept as payment for a fundraiser? We prefer e-transfer.

Is there tax on the fundraisers? Yes, I am required to collect GST, but most non-profits can have it refunded from the government.

Do we have to pay for shipping with our fundraiser? No, shipping is free for fundraisers invoiced over $500.00 (GST excluded). For orders less than that there is a flat $25.00 shipping charge.

Do you accept changes to a fundraising order once it is sent in? No, we did not accept changes to your fundraising order once it is sent in as it typically leads to errors.

How long until I receive my fundraising order? We must receive your order by close of business on a Friday. It is then ready for shipment the Friday 2 weeks following. Friday is important because we make all our products fresh to order; we do not pre-make them and put them in a warehouse. We combine your order with all the other orders and start production immediately. If your order is not in on Friday it goes with the orders that come in the following Friday.

I purchased your fudge through a fundraiser, can I get some more? Yes, just go to our website,, and order the fudge you'd like.

I purchased your jerky through a fundraiser can I get some more? Yes, just go to our website,, and order the jerky you'd like.

I purchased your spice mix through a fundraiser can I get some more? Yes, just go to our website,, and order the spice mixes you'd like.

Is your jerky gluten free? Our jerky is gluten free and MSG free.

Is there MSG in your jerky? Our jerky is MSG and gluten free.

Do you wholesale sell your fudge, jerky, and dips? Yes we do, contact