About Us

Hi, I'm Phil, I love to cook and have a famous sweet tooth. Friends loved my fudge and told me I should be selling it. So, in 2011 I began this journey. It was, and still is, my singular passion to make fudge without compromise; to dedicate myself to the art and craft of making fudge. Today, a small team of people continue this tradition hand-making fudge in small batches using the best techniques and the finest ingredients with a single minded dedication to quality. This is our core value. We are committed to creating the finest fudge anywhere!  I am proud to say that because of this commitment and the resulting superb taste, texture, and quality of our fudge we are the winner of 13 culinary awards and have become the #1 fudge company in Canada! Here you may not be able to taste, smell, or savour it, but I assure you, just like all my customers, once you try it you’ll love it too; that is my personal guarantee!

We're an Alberta based company and we've shipped our fudge all across Canada (our reputation knows no boundaries!) We're continuously looking for new locations and opportunities to get this delicious gourmet product into the hands of customers. If you know a place that should be carrying my award winning fudge shoot me an e-mail and I'll get in touch with them. In the meantime, here's my online store.

And are you fundraising? Have I got something for you!  Check the Fundraising page for a sweet deal. Or how about a monthly treat for your staff or loved ones; check our Fudge Club. And be sure to follow us on your favourite social media app, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube for the latest news.