Small Business Week
Rudolf loves Phil's Fudge Factory!
The U of A mascot, GUBA, loves Phil's Fudge Factory!
Our latest awards!
Cleaver the Beaver loves Phil's Fudge Factory!
Jon Carson - MLA for Edmonton Meadowlark loves Phil's Fudge Factory!
Best Guilty Pleasure
Best Comfort Food
Best Chocolatier
Best Dessert (2nd place)
Best Sweet Shop (2nd place)
The children in Spruce Grove are having a contest to do good deeds. Here I'm receiving a good deeds award from Alicia encouraging me to pass along smiles.
Velociraptors love Phil's Fudge!
Pokemon love our fudge!
Three years running!
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Davey Crocket loves Phil's Fudge!
Davey Crockett loves Phil's Fudge!
Katrina working hard in the kitchen for you!
After I started the business I found out that one of my childhood friend's grandparents immigrated to Canada and opened a fudge shop on Sherbrooke St in Montreal. What a small world!