Wendy - Aug 21, 2023

Very Satisfied Customer. The Fudge was shipped right away and the packaging is so easy to handle. We are giving the fudge as gifts and the boxes are easy to wrap and it looks nice.

Jo Ann - Aug 4, 2023

Thank you for my order received yesterday. Hubby likes your jerky ( he is a connoisseur!). Love your Fudge & appreciate the variety of flavours. Service is wonderful! Enjoy the rest of the Summer & be well!

Darlene - Jul 17, 2023

I have ordered several times and each time the product is fresh and delicious. And I haven’t had to wait long for the shipment to arrive. Absolutely love the selection and this store, only place I buy fudge from now.

Leslie- Jul 15, 2023

Great fudge. It taste like my mother’s & it melts in your mouth right away.

Chantel - Jul 14, 2023

The fudge is absolutely amazing! Fast shipping, service is wonderful and I order from across the country, so need I say more? Thank you to the whole team!! Until next time! :)

Michael - Jul 14, 2023

...I just happened to be near Phil's Fudge the Friday before Father's Day. Phil was more than willing and able to accommodate my buying fudge directly from his manufacturing facility, while also giving me the full Father's Day discount, in spite of me paying for my fudge in cash, rather than on-line, and he even threw in a little extra, because he just that kind of guy who believes in giving his customers the best experience possible. And the Fudge is also sublime, well worth the price.

Gary- Jul 13, 2023

Perfect fudge. Fast shipping

Angie - Jul 10, 2023

Good flavours, great quality, very fresh. Also fast shipping, and always something new to try!

Angie - Jul 10, 2023

Good flavours, great quality, very fresh. Also fast shipping, and always something new to try!

Steve - Jul 9, 2023

Products (Chocolate Raspberry Fudge and assorted jerky's) are high quality and delicious as usual. Ordered and received within 3 days. ICS has picked up their game....

Ashley - Jul 7, 2023 

Absolutly delicious, smooth and creamy with a wide and enjoyable variety of flavors

Wendy - Jun 20, 2023

The first taste of your Turtle 🐢 fudge was an explosion of flavours! Your fudge is so rich and creamy it melts in your mouth. Then I tasted praline and again it was an explosion of rich flavours, and smooth texture.

Anna Marie - Nov 5, 2022

I Love the dips. I've received many great comments on the flavors. Highly recommended. Lots of repeat orders!

Wendy - Jun 1, 2022

This fudge is the most amazing fudge you will ever eat!! 

Shirley - Apr 1, 2022

I was very impressed with the speed of receiving my fudge as I live in Ontario and of course the fudge was delicious and for a very worthwhile cause too!👍

Judi - Dec 22, 2021

My order arrived very quickly and I'm thrilled with my purchase of 4 different flavours, some for me and some for gifts.  Penuchi has been missing from my life for many years and I'm so happy to find someone who makes it.  The product is very fresh, nicely packaged, and very tasty.  I will definitely buy from you again.

Marilyn - Dec 14, 2021

What a treat! A great gift for everyone from eighty-two year old grandpa to three year old granddaughter! Loved and enjoyed by all!

Jan - Dec 14, 2021

My order just arrived! Fast ..beautifully packed. Lovely gift.

Mag - Dec 14, 2021

Mine came today, so good. Will definitely be ordering again. Speedy delivery too!

Cheryl - Dec 14, 2021

Just got mine's absolutely awesome, good gift to myself😁❤️❤️❤️

Valerie - Aug 10, 2021


Susan - Mar 30, 2021

This fudge is absolutely delicious!

Fred - Mar 30, 2021

Just got my 1st order yesterday, super fast service , soooooooooo delicious ....fantastic 😋

Sharon - Mar 25. 2021

Thank you so much! Awesome service! Parcel arrived as scheduled. Thank you!

It's sooooo good!

Debbie - Mar 10, 2021

We received our online order yesterday. Seriously? That fudge is crazy delicious! Amazing quality! Thank you so much!

Val - Jan 26, 2021

Your fudge is freaking amazing. It actually is. No joke, the best I have had. I always find fudge just overly sweet and there is no distinct taste to it. Yours is delicious!!! Thank you so much!

Chantel - Jan 19, 2021

Just got my first order, had a taste and now I am back for more! Ordering a couple for a present. Your fudge is simply incredible!!! The taste and the texture... Oh My God!!! Thank you!!!

Audrey - Dec 10, 2020

OMG your jerky is the best I have ever tasted!  Wow.

Jackster - Dec 3, 2020

Thank you for such a fast delivery. Everything perfect as always!

Joel - Nov 23, 2020

My fudge fanatic says "It's AMAZING!"

Susan - Nov 16, 2020

Hi, oh my, I love your fudge so much I placed another order with you. I was expecting it to be really sugary & sweet, but it was the opposite, and it was full of flavor. I would warn others about my experience to NOT open it on an empty stomach, ha ha. I just wanted to eat my entire order right then & there. Your fudge is packed with flavor. An awakening for the taste buds. Definitely will order more. Thank You

Lisa - Oct 24, 2020

Well thanks to you we tried it last weekend. Omg!!! The best fudge ever!!!! 

Meridith - Oct 24, 2020

Absolutely loved my first order of fudge, had to try more flavors!!

Julie - Oct 10, 2020
I’ve tried jerky over the years and I’ve never really liked it much. I was brought to your website because of your fudge and as I was browsing your goods I came across the Honey Garlic jerky and something about it made me want to try it. Well I had to stop myself from eating the whole package it was so good!! I have made another purchase of solely jerky and added a couple more flavours to try! The only place I have purchased jerky from and I will keep coming back 😊

Lori - Sep 20, 2020

Just received my first order and it is absolutely delicious!  Soft and creamy and the sugar free one is just as amazing as the regular!!  I will be ordering again!   Thanks so much!

Shelley - Sep 3, 2020

Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!! Just received my first order of 5 different fudge flavors. Without a doubt, THE best fudge I've eaten in all of my 57 years. The Salted Caramel has my poor mouth bouncing back and forth from sweet to salty - wonderful. It's so easy for fudge to cross that line into sugar bomb territory, but not yours; it's Goldilocks - just right!!!! On my way to sign up for the Fudge Club.

Barb - Aug 10, 2020

Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly.  I have already taken a couple of bites out of the Raspberry Coconut and the Turtle pieces.  You did not disappoint me. They were so yummy! Thank you for satisfying an old ladies sweet tooth.

Jennifer - July 24, 2020

My order arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with it! That is the best beef jerky I have ever had, and look forward to my next purchase. Probably Teriyaki! The fudge of course melted in my mouth. I changed my dinner plan to a piece of beef jerky and a slice of fudge. Three pieces of jerky and the entire bar of fudge later...

Valerie - Feb 24, 2020

"The Salted Caramel fudge is AMAZING!"

Shallen - Dec 4, 2019

"OMG just got the Irish Cream in the mail and it’s amazing !!!! This should be a year round flavour 👌🏻😍"

Stacey - Nov 12, 2019

"You have the best fudge on the planet! I sent your fudge to 3 of my customers and all 3 of them wrote me a letter saying how wonderful it was, the best fudge they had ever eaten! I've never had customers send me a note before when I sent them something. I will definitely be sending more of your fudge to my customers. Keep up the wonderful work!"

Shellie - Jan 3, 2019

"Phil’s Fudge Factory is so smooth and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! It is clearly made with care and quality ingredients. The service is also EXCEPTIONAL!!!! 

I placed an order during the mail strike, a few days later the package arrived with some of the boxes damaged. I emailed Phil’s Fudge Factory to advise of the condition of the shipment. Phil contacted me immediately to apologize and noted to avoid delays from the strike he used an alternate courier. They never had issues with the condition of shipments from his usual shipper. Phil unexpectedly insisted on providing me with a full new order and he personally hand delivered it! It is obvious that Phil cares about his customers as well as his products!!!! 
Phil’s Fudge Factory = Service AND Quality!

Patrizia - Dec 2, 2018

"5 stars!!
I've never really liked fudge until I tried Phil's. Less sweet than ordinary fudge and awesome flavors. I'm pretty partial to the turtle one. Soo good. I highly recommend Phil's Fudge to everyone 😋"

Jackster - Nov 14, 2018

"Got my fudge today, thank you. Very satisfied customer 😁"

#JDPi - Mar 3, 2018

"Very attentive, enthusiastic. Not pushy in selling goods. Fudge is DELICIOUS! Thank you for the experience!"

Helaine Corber - Feb 7, 2018

"Reminded us of York Beach, Maine in the summers by the beach and buying home made fudge on the street. Now if you could just send me the beach! LOL "

David Hepburn - Feb 3, 2018

"The fudge is awesome 🙂"

Daniel Christie - Jan 25, 2018

"My friends are raving about your fudge; wow dude their loving your product!"

Debbie Flynn - Jan 8, 2018

"OMG it is so good! Thank you very much."

Jodi Quinn - Jan 4, 2018

"mmmm thank you."

Mike Spittachine - Dec 30, 2017

"I received the fudge yesterday and it's really tasty!"

Jon Carson, MLA - Dec 14, 2017

"The fudge you provided us for our visits with seniors in the community was incredible and went over well! It's very popular and we'll definitely be looking for more!"

Dave Sanna - Dec 14, 2017

"I wanted to say thank you again for the extra fudge in addition to the order. It means a lot that you thought about me during this holiday season. I’ve already posted a picture on Instagram, and I’m certain I’ll be having fudge with my lunch for the next few days!"

Lindsay Yayechnick - Dec 7, 2017

"Hey! I don't typically write companies, but you are an exception. Your fudge is to die for!  And I'm not just saying that cause I'm diabetic. Totally impressed. Eggnog has such an incredible flavor. Yummy! I'm one happy customer!"

Luisa Rizzi - Dec 7, 2017

"Thank you for delivering so quickly!"

Jackie McD - Nov 22, 2017

BTW, your fudge is yummy yummy thanks will buy more often 😃"

Jackie McD - Nov 21, 2017

"Thank you received my fudge, extremely happy!"

Wibbles Wibbles - Nov 5, 2017

"Really great fudge, shipped and arrived really fast and they are so kind!"

Gail Mosher - Oct 23, 2017

Hi Mr. Phil's Fudge. Holy cow the fudge arrived today. Now that was service! We sampled two...Egg Nog and Turtle. Wow. Delicious! My favourite is Turtle so far. Sure I will be sampling the others. Looking forward to working with you on this fundraiser."

Karen Dennison - Oct 11, 2017

"Excellent Fudge! Melt in your mouth Yummy! Best Fudge ever."

Adam Ganasinni - Sep 22, 2017

"Your fudge has taught me what it means to be human again. It has allowed me to find myself, to put me back in touch with the person that I hoped I'd find again. The colour of life has returned. When my child smiles at me it's like my soul bursts with warmth. My only mistake is ordering but one pound."

Matt Meg Lude - Sep 5, 2017

"Phil your Peanut Butter fudge is awesome. My pregnant wife can't get enuff "

Anne Briggs - Sep 5, 2017

"Recently received my first order. DELICIOUS! Best fudge I ever ate!"

Jacob Frizell - Sep 5, 2017

"Black cherry sounds awesome. You guys had a sour cherry a while back that was amazing, too"

Micki Biersack - July 31, 2017


Lorraine Leszczak - May 29, 2017

"Melts in your mouth..........Addicted!!!!
If you haven't tried it a must to put on your list!"

Kerrie Hutton - Apr 29, 2017

"We are at the Cottage Life show in Edmonton. Had a wonderful tasting at Phil's Fudge booth. Phil is nice and fun and a good salesman. The fudge is so delicious. I tried Chocolate Coconut, it was out of this world tasty! Going there today to get the Dark Chocolate Salted Almond to take back to Ontario. Thanks Phil for the best fudge I have ever had!"

Justine Wiese - Apr 20, 2017

"Just bought the Cinnamon Bun fudge, I'm typically not one for sweets but wow this fudge blew my mind. Not too sweet, creamy, and flavour is highly on point! Hands down best fudge I've tried from anywheres!!"

Jean Millington - Apr 17, 2017

"Found my way to your table at the gun show in Calgary! Best table at the show in my books!!! ha ha ha!!! I will be making an order and passing along your info to some kids groups in my area for fund raising!! Great Stuff! thank you for attending!! That Fireball Fudge was something else!!! Oh my!!!!"

Kelsey Rae Knapp - Apr 16, 2017

"My hubby and I bought fudge from the kiosk at the Calgary gun show this past weekend. We only had to have a sample and then I knew we needed 3 boxes of it!! Haha So delicious! The Cherry Cheesecake fudge is my favorite! Lovely guy to deal with! We will be coming to your location in Edmonton!"

Cassie Pashko - Apr 15, 2017

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE lol I'm walking around the gun show eating it  It's amazing!"

Alexandra Jelly - Apr 8, 2017

"Root beer is hands down the best flavor fudge I've ever had!! Can't say no to that flavor. I recommend everyone try it!!!"

Meghan McQuinn - Apr 8, 2017

"Very friendly and amazing service. I love the fudge!!!!"

Lilly Wong - Apr 1, 2017

"I've tried a lot of different flavors over the years and our favorite is still root beer!"

C. Dallas Eaket - Mar 26, 2017

"So many delicious flavours. Hard to pick just one!"

Victoria Johnson - Mar 25, 2017

"Seriously good fudge!! I bought the Cinnamon Bun fudge and love, love it!!!!! Great selection of flavours!!!!!"

Les Brooks - Mar 24, 2017

"I've been gluten intolerant for almost 2 years and the Cinnamon Bun flavour has filled my cravings ... and I can't say enough about the Fireball fudge."

Judith Johansen - Mar 7, 2017

"Love your fudge, nice and fresh."

Heather Roy - Mar 5, 2017

"The Nanaimo bar fudge from Phil's is amazing! It literally had the same taste and texture as an actual Nanaimo bar. Being celiac it was such a treat to have a treat I haven't had in years!"

Tammy Bylsma - Mar 4, 2017

"This fudge is very yummy! It is creamy and smooth, and the flavour is terrific!"

Melanie Stavale - Mar 3, 2017

"Great tasting!! And love the different flavours!"

Severyn Cane - Feb 21, 2017

" fudge ever!"

Les Brooks - Jan 26, 2017

"I haven't had a bad flavor yet ... plus I have met Philip and he's great to deal with ... best business I have dealt with ..."

Amanda Campeau - Dec 18, 2016

"Was at a market with Phil's Fudge.. Only got a chance to sample it but omg love it!"

Nicki Mary Pettifer - Dec 17, 2016

"Nothing like PHIL'S FUDGE for Christmas! Yum!"

Chenoa May Diane Roberts - Dec 17, 2016

"Egg Nog fudge and Chocolate Amaretto. Buy it. Eat it. Love it!"

Rachel Brassard-Doepker - Dec 16, 2016

"I'm not usually a fudge fan, ordered it from a fundraiser, now I am hooked! Must have more Salted Carmel!"

Wanda Splawinski - Dec 10, 2016

"Loved the Amaretto! Will definitely be getting more fudge. Highly recommend it!"

Jackie McDevitt - Dec 5, 2016

"Just a note to say thank you very much. Very satisfied. Now I know where to buy good fudge"

Misty Lambert - Nov 24, 2016

"OMG waited a year for it. Your fudge is the best. I've had fudge from Vancouver, Kelowna, Jasper, Banff, Seattle, Spokane and nothing compares to yours! Thanks!"

Kim Couper - Nov 24, 2016

"We met you at the Fort McMurray show and we loved your fudge bought 3 boxes and ate it in a week, woops!"

Jessica Massey - Nov 23, 2016

"So far I've tried the Hot Chocolate and the Chocolate Orange, both were unbelievably AMAZING. I got them for myself but I would recommend Phil's Fudge as gifts as well! Can't wait to order more, thank you!"

Misty Lambert - Nov 18, 2016

"I have tasted lots of fudge, this is the best fudge ever, haven't had any better than this."

Lorraine Leszczak - Nov 13, 2016

"Managed to get 6 boxes in total of an assortment........Your fudge is so darn addicting!!!!"

Karen McKinney - Oct 24, 2016

"Phil is passionate about fudge and it shows when he explains his variety. He uses real food as flavoring. Egg nog has egg nog in it... Saskatoon berry has Saskatoon berries in it!"

Sandra Kim (Reykjavik Iceland) - Oct 13, 2016

I would like to say thank you for my order, your fudge was absolutely delicious and my whole family loved it. I'm very happy that I made this business with you and I hope your company continues growing.

Tal Talya Dahan - Sep 19, 2016

"The best fudge I ever tried! Taste great, amazing flavors, you can feel that Phil put all his love in it. Highly recommend!!!"

Natasha Reynolds - Aug 18, 2016

"I picked up a pack of the Cinnamon Bun at the Baseline Market yesterday and. OH. MY. GOODNESS."

Lorraine Leszczak - Aug 17, 2016

"Could you please tell me when I might be able to get more of the tigers eye, pumpkin pie fudge??? just thought I would make one trip stock up & freeze a bunch..... come winter there's no markets........your nanaimo, root beer & creamsicle are awesome too.......but I just try to make one trip & buy"

Allison Drager - Aug 7, 2016

"Made the mistake today of only buying 1 box of your fudge Will definitely be ordering and getting it shipped to me!! I highly recommend the chocolate coconut!!"

Jennifer Peddle - Jul 3, 2016

"Absolutely delicious, banana bread is my favourite"

Alicia Hur Shirreff - May 14, 2016

"I have had their fudge a few times it is PHENOMENAL!!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the mood for something sweet!!! I've also had the pleasure of meeting a few of their staff: they have all been very professional and a friendly crew!!"

Christana Moore - May 14, 2016

"Thank you phil for introducing my husband and I to your wonderful tasting fudge! We will absolutely recommend you! We purchased the Rolo fudge and so far we are loving it."

Tammy Andruchow - Apr 25, 2016

"I picked up a box of chocolate jalapeño fudge at the Edmonton Cabin Show, so rich and smooth. Looking forward to having it with a glass of red wine as recommended."

Zoe Blacha - Apr 17, 2016

"Maple bacon fudge is definitely the best fudge I've had"

Daneka Hussey - Apr 11, 2016

"I got to try this delicious fudge at the Gun Show here in Dawson Creek and it was quite possibly the best fudge I have ever had. The flavours are absolutely amazing (especially the apple one - it really tastes like apple pie!), and I would definitely buy it again!"

Stephanie Jeanne- Apr 11, 2016

"Wishing I had purchased more ! Even my man that doesn't eat any sweets loved it

Jessika Rothel - Apr 10, 2016

"I have the booth beside phils at the gun show and I have tried all the flavors of his taster fudge and I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the maple bacon! Will definitely be ordering more once I'm done the box I bought yesterday! Don't like fudge and I will actually eat this fudge! Love it!"

Elizabeth Mary Cunningham - Apr 9, 2016

"Just got some fudge at the dawson creek gun show it was incredible. Better than incredible. Best fudge I've ever had. Doesn't taste just like sugar. It has great flavor"

Pearl Canaday - Apr 9, 2016

"Just stopped and tasted some samples with my boyfriend at phil's booth dawson creek gun show so good and he was so friendly we bought 3 boxes and we barley eat fudge!! Defiantly worth it thank you!"

Amanda Gervais - Apr 9, 2016

"Tried the maple bacon fudge, absolutely delicious. Perfect combo of salty and sweet. Had to buy a bar lol"

Amanda White - Apr 5, 2016

"Just picked up some tigers eye fudge at the mommylicious show this weekend in Edmonton. It was amazing. Sad that I didn't grab more."

Amber Ible - Apr 3, 2016

"Best fudge I have ever tasted!! Maple bacon! Whoot whoot"

Krystal Findlay - Apr 2, 2016

"MAPLE BACON FUDGE....sweet, salty and amazing.... Nuff said!"

Ashley Herron - Mar 25, 2016

"Just picked up some root beer fudge from phils at the calgary gun show... YUM! And great service.'

Rene Gobeil Mar - Mar 3, 2016

"Just had a nibble of (my fiancée's) chocolate mint fudge from Phil and now I have to hide the evidence. If she finds out I eat a bit of fudge this good without sharing it with her first, she's going to bury me."

Deb Hultink - Nov 29, 2015

"Amazing!!!! My husband loves the eggnog I love the turtle!!"

James Boulton M.D. - Jul 22, 2015

"I am a chocolate lover but don't normally eat fudge, as I find the flavour too cloying. I bought a few bars of your Dark Chocolate fudge at Grey Nuns hospital some weeks ago, and it was arguably the best chocolate confection that I recall over my 75 years."

Alixandrea Keddy - Aug 16, 2015

"Phils fudge is amazing , specaily its unque flavors. The root beer flavor is our favorit ! Iv never tryed anything so yummie befor ! The best part is phill is very thoughful and humble. It is nice nowing that your geting a quality product from a quality company ! 10 out of 10 do recomend !"

James Boulton M.D. - Jul 22, 2015

"I am a chocolate lover but don't normally eat fudge, as I usually find the flavour too cloying. But I bought a few bars of your Dark Chocolate Fudge at the Grey Nuns Hospital some weeks ago, and it was arguably the best chocolate confection that I recall over my 75 years!"

Terrelle Leticia Spanier - Mar 20, 2015

"Today at the energy centre was the highlight of my day ! First thing I seen walking in was this lovely fudge stand , after looking through the gun show , my hunny and I stopped to buy some fudge , we got the cookies and cream , turtle and also oh Henry ! It was absolutely amazing . Both creamy and full of flavor ! Thank you so much Phil for the wonderful treats !! We will be sure to purchase more in the future"

Colleen Kolenz - Mar 7, 2015

"Being a diabetic with a sweet tooth can be hard..Phil's chocolate mint sugar free fudge is to die for! Both me and my sweet tooth were very happy"

Vanessa Horne Lancaster - Feb 8, 2015

"I first tried Phil's Fudge at the downtown farmer's market this past Saturday. I've never tried fudge that I'd actually want to buy but Phil offered a cherry flavour in honour of cherry month and it was dang good. Thinking that all the flavours couldn't be that good I went home with some Turtle Fudge to share with my chocolate loving husband. Needless to say, it was so so delicious! My husband has hardly had a chance to eat it as I've become protective of my fudge. It's not too sweet or rich or grainy (which is my chief complaint of other fudges I've had), just perfect. I can't wait to try more flavours and will definitely be back."

Helen King - Nov 9, 2014

"Met Phil this weekend at the Mom to Mom Shop and Swap as he was our neighboring booth. His fudge is amazing and so is the peanut brittle. Super friendly and nice guy. Highly recommended."

Debra Doubleyou - Jul 18, 2014

"amazing! addicted"

Clayton Hobbs - Mar 24, 2013

"This is fantastic fudge. While I must admit an addiction to Chewy Praline I have yet to encounter a flavour that does not positively tickle my taste buds. Most excellent fudge. Thanks Phil"