Magical Fudge Kitchen Update, Apr 14, 2021

Hello everyone, time that I get back and do my fudge blogs. So just to give you an update on what's happening as far as trade shows go, April 24th and 25th will be doing the Wholly Handmade in Sherwood Park, and at the end of May we plan on doing a trade show that is currently schedule in Fort McMurray. It was originally scheduled for the end of April, but due to lockdown, has been moved tentatively to the end of May. As always our fudges available online and at retailers across the country including many of the Loblaws chains such as a City Market and Your Independent Grocers in Alberta.

Staffing in the kitchen is going well, we've hired a few new cooks and their training is well underway and only with those fudges that are infrequently made do they need help with. As we come out of lockdown I suspect we will need more staff and look forward to the opportunity to hire more people.

I often get asked about diabetic fudge or sugar-free fudge. We make a fudge that we call Sucrose Free fudge. It is made without sucrose, instead we use isomalt and fructose, fudges which are absorbed more slowly. These fudges may be appropriate for people who are diabetic, but if you are diabetic please consult with a health practitioner before you eat them. These fudges are exactly like our regular fudges, maybe a little bit softer, but the taste is exactly the same. The three flavors that we currently offer that are sucrose free are Canadian Maple Pecan, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint.

Another question we often get asked is do we have any dairy free or vegan fudges. We do not. There are recipes on the internet to make dairy-free and/or vegan fudges. Typically they use coconut cream or marshmallows. Unfortunately our equipment is not capable of making fudge with those ingredients.

And if you've ever thought about why Phil is bald watch the recent YouTube video, I go into the story about why I'm bald, or why I choose to be bald. Anyway, that's the update for now, in the meantime stay safe and we'll see you all again soon.


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