School Fundraiser Season

School Fundraiser Season

As students, teachers, and parents get back from Easter holidays and buckle down for the home stretch many schools will be undertaking a final round of fundraising. Did you know Phil's Fudge Factory offers a lucrative and delicious fundraising opportunity?

Groups using our fudge fundraiser have raised over $250,000.00! Everyone loves fudge and ours is simply the best winning 13 culinary awards! Made with real butter and cream and the finest ingredients we can source customers usually want more. To meet that demand most groups fundraise with it several times a year!

Our fudge fundraiser is easy and effective We are committed to supporting you throughout the process. We provide all the necessary forms; you print them straight from your computer. We provide bags to help with distribution. When your campaign is over simply total the flavors up and send them in. 

Recommended selling period is two weeks. You pay for it only after you've sold it so you have no financial risk. You keep 40% if you sell 250+ boxes, otherwise it's 30%. Your fudge is made fresh and ready in two weeks (F.O.B. Edmonton). And it requires no refrigeration, making it the perfect solution for your fundraising needs.

We have five seasons worth of flavours: Winter (Valentines), Spring (Easter), Summer, Fall, and Christmas.There is always a selection of flavours to appeal to all tastes. This gives you lots of opportunity to hold successful repeat sales throughout the year. We are currently in our Spring season. 

If you think that is something you'd like to do they visit our Fundraising web page

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