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 Deliciously Creamy Award Winning Fudge (Jerky Too)

Winner of 13 Culinary Awards!

Better Ingredients Make Better Fudge (Jerky Too)

Now the #1 Fudge Company in CANADA!

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My  fudge is made without compromise! Our unmatched 13 culinary awards attest to the fact that my fudge, without question, is the best fudge in Canada! Fudge is a treat. If you're going to indulge yourself or someone special, and if you're like me, you want the best, and that is my fudge; a premium treat hand made with the finest ingredients! There are numerous ways to make fudge, including those made primarily from glucose! It's like the difference between Aunt Jemima and real Canadian maple syrup. You can find cheaper fudge, but you can't find better fudge! That is my personal guarantee to you. I refuse to use inferior ingredients. My fudge is simply a delicious, creamy, satisfying treat made with real cream and butter. But don't take my word for it, see all my reviews on the Reviews page. See all the flavours on the Fudge page, and check out our Jerky page too.

James - Mar 29, 2022
I'm close to Niagara Falls and always thought they had the best fudge. Until I order from Phil's. Phil's is the best hands down .I barely submitted the order and the fudge was at my door.

Marilyn - Dec 14, 2021

What a treat! A great gift for everyone from eighty-two year old grandpa to three year old granddaughter! Loved and enjoyed by all!

Jan - Dec 14, 2021

My order just arrived! Fast ..beautifully packed. Lovely gift.

Mag - Dec 14, 2021

Mine came today, so good. Will definitely be ordering again. Speedy delivery too!

Cheryl - Dec 14, 2021

Just got mine today...it's absolutely awesome, good gift to myself😁❤️❤️❤️

Fred - Mar 30, 2021

Just got my 1st order yesterday, super fast service , soooooooooo delicious ....fantastic 😋

Val - Jan 26, 2021

Your fudge is freaking amazing. It actually is. No joke, the best I have had. I always find fudge just overly sweet and there is no distinct taste to it. Yours is delicious!!! Thank you so much!

Chantel - Jan 19, 2021

Just got my first order, had a taste and now I am back for more! Ordering a couple for a present. Your fudge is simply incredible!!! The taste and the texture... Oh My God!!! Thank you!!!

Jennifer - Jul 24, 2020

Well, I am sure I gained ten pounds last night! And enjoyed every moment! My order arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with it!  That is the best beef jerky I've ever had, and look forward to my next purchase, probably Teriyaki!

The fudge of course melted in my mouth. The pounds? I changed my dinner plan to a piece of beef jerky and a slice of fudge. Three pieces of jerky and the entire bar of fudge later... I justified it by the fact that it was Dark Chocolate fudge so it was good for me.

I am so glad I found Phil's Fudge Factory and I am going to make a positive post on my Facebook page. Thank you from your new loyal customer!

Lisa - Oct 24, 2020

Well thanks to you we tried it last weekend. Omg!!! The best fudge ever!!!! 

Meridith - Oct 24, 2020

Absolutely loved my first order of fudge, had to try more flavors!!

Lori - Sep 20, 2020

Just received my first order and it is absolutely delicious.  Soft and creamy and the sugar free one is just as amazing as the regular!!  I will be ordering again!   Thanks so much!

Shelley - Sep 3, 2020

Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!! Just received my first order of 5 different fudge flavors. Without a doubt, THE best fudge I've eaten in all of my 57 years. The Salted Caramel has my poor mouth bouncing back and forth from sweet to salty - wonderful. It's so easy for fudge to cross that line into sugar bomb territory, but not yours; it's Goldilocks - just right!!!! On my way to sign up for the Fudge Club.

Barb - Aug 10, 2020

Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly.  I have already taken a couple of bites out of the Raspberry Coconut and the Turtle pieces.  You did not disappoint me. They were so yummy! Thank you for satisfying an old ladies sweet tooth.

Jennifer - July 24, 2020

My order arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with it! That is the best beef jerky I have ever had, and look forward to my next purchase. Probably Teriyaki! The fudge of course melted in my mouth. I changed my dinner plan to a piece of beef jerky and a slice of fudge. Three pieces of jerky and the entire bar of fudge later...

Shellie - Jan 3, 2019

"Phil’s Fudge Factory is so smooth and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! It is clearly made with care and quality ingredients. The service is also EXCEPTIONAL!!!! 

I placed an order during the mail strike, a few days later the package arrived with some of the boxes damaged. I emailed Phil’s Fudge Factory to advise of the condition of the shipment. Phil contacted me immediately to apologize and noted to avoid delays from the strike he used an alternate courier. They never had issues with the condition of shipments from his usual shipper. Phil unexpectedly insisted on providing me with a full new order and he personally hand delivered it! It is obvious that Phil cares about his customers as well as his products!!!! 
Phil’s Fudge Factory = Service AND Quality!"
Justine Wiese - Apr 20, 2017
"Just bought the Cinnamon Bun fudge, I'm typically not one for sweets but wow this fudge blew my mind. Not too sweet, creamy, and flavour is highly on point! Hands down best fudge I've tried from anywheres!!"
Misty Lambert - Nov 24, 2016
"OMG... Your fudge is the best. I've had fudge from Vancouver, Kelowna, Jasper, Banff, Seattle, Spokane and nothing compares to yours! Thanks!"