Father's Day

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Better Fudge

Father’s serve a critical role in the lives of their children. They deserve the absolute best for Father’s Day, Phil’s Fudge is just that. Handmade in small batches by a dedicated staff, we take pride in the quality of our product by refusing to use inferior ingredients or methods. We have over 30 flavours at a time to indulge in, and over 100 unique flavours throughout the year. Treat your Father right this year with Phil’s delicious premium fudge!

While I have many favourite flavours: Tiramisu, Peanut Butter Cookie Crunch, Cinnamon Bun, Canadian Maple Pecan, there is, however, one flavour that got me into the fudge business, Creamsicle. I was at a local farmers market and a lady was selling fudge. I bought a small tray and one of the flavours was Creamsicle…I loved it! I went back week after week after week to get more, but she never returned. I kept asking the market Manager if she was returning and was told she only comes when she feels like it. I never did see her again.

So, being who I am, I started making fudge...and it had to be the very best it could be. I am the father of two wonderful children, Mike and Kalena, and I have always tried to be a good role model for them. Part of that is taking pride in everything I do, no matter how small, and my fudge wasn't going to be an exception. As the fudge I made was always too much for me to eat, I shared it with friends. They told me it was delicious, and that I should consider selling it. So, encouraged and supported by my friends, I began selling my fudge at local farmers market, much like the lady I had originally bought that first fudge from. From that modest beginning we have grown to what we are today.


Over 30 flavours!

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